December 9, 2013

Third video for Claire Lloyd’s best selling book, “My Greek Island Home” (available worldwide and online).

Claire is also involved in animal rescue on the island of Levbos, Greece.

A second video about “My Greek Island” Home book by Claire Lloyd.

December 6, 2013

Stunning and joyful video about Claire Lloyd’s best selling book, “My Greek Island Home” (available worldwide and online).

It is beautifully illustrated and a great immersion into an inspiring lifestyle.

November 28, 2013

Photographs from the Flower Studio at Tea Lane Farm (Martha’s Vineyard).



Ceramic artworks by Japanese artist, Hitomi Hosono (Based in London). From top to bottom: Feather Leaves Bowl 2013 / Chrysanthemum Box 2012 / Black Wisteria Tower 2012 / Black Wisteria SQ Box 2012.

November 27, 2013
Dossier37 turned 4 today!

Thank you to all for following and let’s keep posting!

Dossier37 turned 4 today!

Thank you to all for following and let’s keep posting!

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November 23, 2013

Throwing Muses - Sunray Venus

Directed by Orrin Anderson 
From the new Throwing Muses album “Purgatory / Paradise”

November 9, 2013

Ceramic works from British artist, Sophie Woodrow.



Excerpt from the Etudes n3 collection from French fashion brand, Etudes-Studio. In order from top to bottom: Continent jacket - blue / Sesam hat - blue / Archives - Pia Howell I trousers / Ornette sweater / Acadia shirt - blue.

October 31, 2013

NOT TO BE MISSED! November 6th to 10th in the Chapelle de l’Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg.

The Italian jewelry house, Percossi Papi, is revisiting medieval iconography through an array of jewellery and objects specifically made to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of Henri VII of Luxembourg, who died in Tuscany. 
An rare exhibition that is homage to the historical friendship between Italie and Luxembourg.


Below press release (and very interesting historical facts) in French.

Le rêve italien de la Maison de Luxembourg par les bijoux de Percossi Papi 

L’Ambassade d’Italie, l’Institut Culturel Italien et la Fondation Cavour - en collaboration avec le Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, les Amitiés italo-luxembourgeoises d’Esch-sur-Alzette, la Chambre de commerce italo-luxembourgeoise et l’ITA (Italian Trade Agency) - organisent une exposition de bijoux et d’objets d’art consacrée à l’empereur Henri VII de Luxembourg à l’occasion des 700 ans de sa mort en Toscane dans la ville de Buonconvento près de Sienne. 

L’exposition « Le rêve italien de la Maison de Luxembourg » par les bijoux de Percossi Papi aura lieu du 6 au 10 novembre 2013 dans la Chapelle de l’Abbaye de Neumünster.

La collection est créée par l’artiste orfèvre Diego Percossi Papi qui a utilisé les belles images des enluminures médiévales de « l’alto Arrigo » - salué à son
arrivée en Italie par Dante, comme le pacificateur venu réconcilier les villes et les factions italiennes qui entretenaient des inimitiés. Il les a insérées dans d’élégants cadres en or et pierres précieuses mettant en valeur l’extraordinaire histoire du premier Empereur de la Maison de Luxembourg.

La Ville de Sienne - qui a octroyé son patronage à l’exposition - est représentée dans les bijoux-objets par les symboles des célèbres Contrade de la ville toscane qui prennent part au Palio, dans la plus stricte observance des couleurs et des détails héraldiques revisités par le style de Percossi Papi.

Inspiré d’un événement historique qui unit les territoires de Toscane et du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, cette exposition permettra aux visiteurs d’admirer, à travers ces créations, les beautés des lieux qui conservent la mémoire de la venue d’Henri VII en Italie.


October 30, 2013


Event installation by Bespoke Balloonery for Tanqueray Tasteology at Rockpool (sydney Australia).

Designer Kitty Joseph creates a three piece collection inspired by Absolut’s latest Limited Edition bottle Absolut Originality. The ‘Cobalt Collection’ is showcased in a short film starring New York based musician Njena Reddd Foxxx who models the three looks - drop, flow and settle. Njena twists, turns and bends to a clip of her track ‘Water Colours’.

October 8, 2013

And number 3!!! The new Pâtissiers published by Thames & Hudson.

Yes, I keep exploring CRAFT in all its facets.
Pastry making is after all about designing & hand-making, as jewellery making, wood carving, screen printing etc. are.

It is out now worldwide and of course online.

Join the Facebook page and like it, if you enjoy baking, exploring new recipes, facing a bit of a challenge..eating cakes!!!


I have gathered 38 pastry chefs across 17 countries (as exotic as Bali, Venezuela, Argentina..) and selected 89 recipes (from classic pastry making to more conceptual).

All 89 recipes have been entirely formatted, translated investigated, discussed with the chefs, and above all TASTE TESTED by 3 amateurs (that includes me!)

Each recipe provides detailed info in all Metric / Imperial and US cup, as well as C°/F°, cm/inch conversions..and much more.

and for the USA market a different cover below:

September 25, 2013

Excerpt from the Proposal (2013) series by British artist, Lucy Joyce.






'Rubbish' jewellery by British designer, Hollie Paxton.